This Week At A Glance

New beginnings and a new year are a perfect time to come and learn from a new pastor! Jerry Milner

will explain “an inside out faith” based on Mark 7:1-7 on Sunday January 13. Service starts at 9am

with uplifting and enjoyable music at this friendly and welcoming church. Lots of things for your children

and plenty to take with you for the following week to carry you through good and bad times. At 10 am

we adjourn to the lively time to be had meeting neighbors and making new friends at the free coffee bar

with refreshments. Following this small groups are offered–take your pick or shop around to find one

that fits your needs. Fusion youth group will meet at the church from 6-8pm. Plans for youth to have

a bowling outing after church on January 20. Could use some drivers for transportation. Come this

Sunday to 6685 W. State Road 14 and find out why this church can fill many needs for you and your

family. You will see more than a light on the door, you will meet welcoming and friendly folks!