PB&J (meal ministry prayer partner)

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PB&J (meal ministry prayer partner)
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South Whitley, UMC

Prayer Buddy for Jesus (PB&J)
We’ve had the chance to speak with teachers, janitors, and principles in our local school systems. When we ask them what kids need today the answer always comes back… “There biggest hindrance is they need more adults in their lives who care.” Children are starving for positive adult influences.

When you become a PB&J you are connected with a child in our Backpack Meal Ministry or BPM (k-5th grade) which provides children on free and reduces lunches with meals for the weekend. BPM’s vision is helping children and families not go hungry and to provide nourishment for their souls. As a PB&J this is where you come in. When you become a PB & J you receive information about your child. More information will follow on how to contact your child through the BPM program and how they can contact you. Jesus spoke these words to his disciples…
“Let the children come to me; do not hinder them,
for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” Mark 10:14

When you become a positive influence you are removing one more hindrance that keeps a child from reaching their full potential and drawing them one step closer to knowing the love of Jesus!

God Bless and I hope you prayerfully consider being the difference in child’s life.

SWUMC complies with Safe Sanctuary regulations and requires all child and youth volunteers to do as well.