This Week At A Glance

New beginnings and a new year are a perfect time to come and learn from a new pastor! Jerry Milner

will explain “an inside out faith” based on Mark 7:1-7 on Sunday January 13. Service starts at 9am

with uplifting and enjoyable music at this friendly and welcoming church. Lots of things for your children

and plenty to take with you for the following week to carry you through good and bad times. At 10 am

we adjourn to the lively time to be had meeting neighbors and making new friends at the free coffee bar

with refreshments. Following this small groups are offered–take your pick or shop around to find one

that fits your needs. Fusion youth group will meet at the church from 6-8pm. Plans for youth to have

a bowling outing after church on January 20. Could use some drivers for transportation. Come this

Sunday to 6685 W. State Road 14 and find out why this church can fill many needs for you and your

family. You will see more than a light on the door, you will meet welcoming and friendly folks!

This Week At A Glance

Vacation Bible School kids came to church last Sunday and shared some of their activities and music with us. Wow, did they have a great time. Please think about this wonderful free opportunity for your own children next year. The fire department hose spray was a spectacular hit. Thank you Fire Department members!

The week of August 5th at 9:00 am will bring a new service in the current series on difficult subjects in the Bible. Pastor Keith will lead the discussion. The “Days of Hope” will be held on Saturday August 4th in South Whitley from 9 am to 11 am. Music,
entertainment, backpack ministry for kids returning to school, free haircuts and more will be the activities du jour. This church is very involved in helping the community in many ways.

The music ministry can use additional vocalists and musicians. August 5 the youth Fusion group will meet at 6 pm with fun and activities and a welcome to other youth looking to make new friends.

A staff position is open for an assistant teacher in the Sonshine Child Care daily program. Contact Jodie Sims at 260-723-5105 to inquire.

This Week At A Glance

On Sunday April 23, at 9:00 am, Tony Klepinger, always a great speaker, will offer an interesting message titled “Are you rich?” based on Luke 12. Babysitting and children’s church will be available. coffee fellowship follows the service and small groups meet after coffee.  A mini-seminar will also take place right after the service that you will want to attend if you have ever wondered about your purpose in life.  Led by Michele Payton, who also teaches this seminar at Grace College, it will help you identify those special spiritual gifts you have been given and how best to utilize those for a fulfilling life.  The three sessions will be held on April 23, April 30, and May 7 immediately after coffee fellowship.  Contact Sherina at the church office at 260-723-5107 to sign up and to be sure your supplies will be available.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn about your gifts.

This Week At A Glance

Are you tired of hearing news that puts you in a salty mood?  Maybe you are just tired and looking for a change. We believe you will find what you are looking for at South Whitley UMC!  You will find time to reflect and slow down from your hurried life in our Good Friday service, which starts at 7pm on April 14th.  Easter Sunday, April 16th, we have breakfast at 8am, the main service at 9am, and an Easter egg hunt at 10am. April 16th is also our “fill the cart” Sunday, where everyone brings something to put in the cart for the local food pantry.

Come bring your squad to this house of worship where everyone is welcome!

This Week At A Glance

Want to be inspired?  Join South Whitley UMC on Sunday March 5 at 9:00 am for a joyous musical celebration as this church transitions to a new 9:00 am Sunday Service Time!  The Whitko Gospel Choir will be providing their annual excellent music program and you are invited!  Following the music, please join us for a free breakfast in the social hall on the lower level.  Again, it is free, and all are invited.  This week will kick off a new and exciting time when it is most convenient for those who wish to attend Sunday mornings.  In the future the service will begin each Sunday at 9 am followed by a short coffee bar and then Time of Growth small group meetings you will greatly enjoy.  During Worship children 3 years old and younger are welcomed in the nursery.  Those age 4 and older will join their parents in the sanctuary.  During the Time of Growth hour programs will be offered for children in 4th and 5th grade, 5th through 8th grade, and 9th through 12th grade.  Four Time of Growth group meetings will welcome you to join them where you can meet new friends and enjoy an opportunity to ask questions you’ve always wanted answered.

Plan to drop in and give this growing church a try beginning March 5th.

This Week At A Glance

Sunday, February 26,  will bring an enthusiastic crowd to hear the final message in Pastor Chris Stahlman’s “The greatest of these is…” series.  Based on 1 Corinthians 13, this inspiring discussion will give you something to meditate over for the following week.  A transition is coming to this church in the organization of their Sunday mornings.  You will want to stay posted and come visit to see what exciting progress is being made.  Lots of things for your family to do here, and special things for youth and children are always available.  Come and meet some new friends this Sunday at either the 8:30 am or 10:00 am services.

This Week At A Glance

Since Walls seem to be a popular topic this year, Pastor Chris (PC) will keep us informed about how Nehemiah was also involved in a “Build That Wall” project! Always providing a contemporary and entertaining focus on subjects that stick with us as we face our busy lives each week, PC provides informative and helpful insights. Please remember that during our 10:00 am service, while parents get to hear him speak, there is a wonderful “Children’s Church” for kids from infancy up to fifth grade. This 10:00 am service also features wonderful music you will enjoy. Come and enjoy this service and obtain a blessing for both your kids and yourself! You will also meet some amazing and wonderful new people. The earlier, 8:30 am service has babysitting only, but same sermon topic. Free coffee bar and refreshments at 9:30 am. Think about joining us this coming Sunday.

There is something for everyone at SWUMC, from youth groups meeting this week at the Klepinger home, to Bible studies, to exercise classes. There are small groups with a variety of topics and studies, to pre-school, to many outreach opportunities. Also looking for your talents, including musical. Enjoy or join a great band and praise team.

This Week At A Glance

Will the new year bring love, peace, joy and optimism to your family?  A resolution to begin attending one of the services held each Sunday at South Whitley UMC at 8:30am or 10:00am is a great way to start the year and bring you a good opportunity to find those things for your life.  Join Pastor Chris Stahlman on Sunday, January 8 and go home inspired by his uplifting examples.  Childcare at first service and a wonderful Children’s church during second service allows  you to concentrate on the beautiful message that will be offered while your children are also blessed with their own age-appropriate adventure.  Make a New Year Resolution to provide something special for your family and come join this vibrant and growing church for answers your heart has been asking.  At the corner of State Rd 14 and 5 in South Whitley. 

This Week At A Glance

The secret of philanthropy and how to gain great joy from your generosity will be the topic Pastor Chris will bring to our attention on November 20.  Delighting the attendees with visuals, videos, and an extremely great skill at making presentations, you will be glad you came to hear this Pastor.  This coming Sunday is also the day we “Fill the Cart” by bringing things for the food pantry, so go shopping, pick up a few extra things, and gain some of that joy that will again be discussed for our edification.  The youth Fusion group will be gathering under Tony Klepinger’s leadership at Klepinger’s home that same evening from 6-8pm.  Musicians and vocalists are welcome to contact Worship Arts Director, Michele Payton to try out for a position with one of the worship teams ( Children’s church, called “Ignite” is held at 10am each Sunday and nursery is also provided at 10.00.  Services are available at 8:30 am and 10:00 am with a coffee bar between each service.

This Week At A Glance


With the Summer Olympics on the way, did you know you can be a Spiritual Olympian?  The prize is far greater than any gold medal.  Come visit the South Whitley UMC congregation the next few weeks and find out from Pastor Chris Stahlman (It’s Okay to call him PC), the wisdom to be found in the books Paul wrote to Timothy.  The insights PC shares each week are touching and incredible, the congregation is warm and welcoming, and those front row seats are still available. 
Sr High Youth are at camp this week so there will be no Fusion meeting.  Help is needed for the Days of Hope event in which this church donates backpacks filled with school supplies for K-5th grade kids along with breakfast, free hair cuts, and our friends at Fox Products will be providing new shoes again this year!  Volunteers needed on August 6, also earlier to fill backpacks and more.  Call 260-723-5107 if you can help with this wonderful and worthy cause.

Service times:  8:30 and 11:00 am each Sunday with a break between services, often for a coffee bar and friendships.