This Week At A Glance

The popular PIXAR series of sermons will continue June 28th with "Finding Nemo."  You can find Nemo at the 8:30 am service or again at the 11:00 am service.  Coffee, refreshments and group sessions are offered between the two services.  Also exciting time on June 28th with the first of two summer movie nights.  Free feature movie and a Free meal for all!  Meal at 6pm and movie showing at 7pm. Join us at 6685 W. State Rd 14, South Whitley.

Kids are going to Camp!  South Whitley UMC advocates the benefits of summer camp for kids.  Still a few slots left for the High School camp coming up! Call 260-723-5107 for details or registration.

Check out the excitement at this growing church for yourself.  See you this week! For more information

This Week At A Glance

Father's Day is June 21st and how appropriate for dad to come with the kids to enjoy the Pixar series at South Whitley UMC.  There are interesting insights to be gleaned out of these animated movies.  Pastor Chris is an expert at drawing those comparisons in his series called "The Gospel According to Pixar."  This week he will feature clips from WALL-E you will not want to miss.

Also mark your calendar for June 28th, a special family and friends evening.  This is our first summer movie night where we will enjoy the entire featured first rate movie along with a free dinner!  You are welcome to join in at 6pm at 6685 W. SR 14.  Movie will be in the sanctuary and free meal will be in the fellowship hall.  Just ask a friendly helper for directions!  Come and find out why this vibrant church continues to grow. 

This Week At A Glance

 A church that really means it when their bulletin says, "We're glad you are with us today" is offering a fascinating new series of messages called "The Gospel According to Pixar."  Pastor Chris will take us on a journey that your family will find refreshing and interesting.  The powerful themes, based on the Bible, that can be found in Pixar productions will be shared and should not be taken lightly.  Many of them are life changing.  Gain a bonus and attend June 14th and get your car washed while you learn more about The Incredibles.  A free-will offering will be gratefully accepted by the youth group as they raise money for camp scholarships. Services are held at 8:30 am and 11:00 am with coffee bar and small group sessions between the two services.  Check out why this vibrant church is growing and impacting our community!


This Week At A Glance

HOMECOMING!  Don't miss the Homecoming Services on Sunday May 31st!  Reconnecting. Remembering. Renewing old friendships. Pastor Augie Lundquist will be a special guest you will want to meet.  You can also make new friends.  Please spread the word and bring a friend to this exciting event at South Whitley UMC located at 6685 W. State Road 14, South Whitley, IN. 

The schedule includes:
8:30 am Vintage Worship Service
9:45 am Celebration Brunch in Social Hall
11:00 am Modern Worship Service. 

Pastor Chris Stahlman invites you to come visit and gain a lift for your life. 

Registrations are being accepted for Vacation Bible School (VBS).  Starting Monday, June 8 through Thursday, June 11 your child will have fun, snacks, activities of all kinds, music, and much more! Outdoor sports and games, indoor crafts and art lessons, special activities all await your child.  Sign up early to ensure a spot will be available for your child.  Some of the classes have limited space and materials available.  Be sure your child(ren) will be registered for this amazingly positive summer fun experience by clicking here or contact the Church office at 260-723-5107.

This Week At A Glance

The Reaching In and Reaching Out series at South Whitley UMC will conclude this week.  Pastor Chris Stahlman will wrap up this intriguing series at both the 8:30 am and 11:00 am service. 

No youth group this week as we take time to honor those who have served our country over the Memorial weekend holiday.

The Sunday, May 31st, services will be exciting at South Whitley UMC as we bring a familiar face back to our community.  Augie Lundquist will be returning with a special message and a lovely reunion planned for his visit.  You won't want to miss either the 8:30am or 11:00am service on May 31st

Boot Camp Vacation Bible School (VBS) has many special plans this year as well.  Your child will love the crafts, art, games, activities, and warm care they will receive not to mention yummy treats and snacks!  Save June 8, 9, 10, and 11 for this very popular event.  Sign up early to ensure a spot will be available for your child.  Some of the classes have limited space and materials available.  Be sure your child(ren) will be registered for this amazingly positive summer fun experience by clicking here or contact the Church office at 260-723-5107.

Visitors warmly received and welcomed at this growing church.

This Week At A Glance

Reaching In and Reaching Out will continue as the intriguing series at South Whitley UMC continues.  This week, Pastor Chris Stahlman will return with his customary invigorating and inspiring style.  An 8:30 am and an 11:00 am service will offer very similar messages. Youth will meet at Tony Klepinger's home this Sunday. 

SWUMC is gearing up for Vacation Bible School June 8th-11th.  Please contact Jodi Sims or the church office if you can be an assistant for this large project that attracts so many area youngsters each year.  Sign your child up now via our website or through the church office by contacting Sherina at 260-723-5107.

An exciting job opportunity is now available.  Director of Children's Ministries is a paid position.  Submit your resume to Pastor Chris at 6685 W. State Rd 14, South Whitley, IN 46787 or via email at  For a Director of Children's Ministries job description you can contact the church at or call the office at 260-723-5107.

This Sunday is "fill the cart" day.  Please bring your non-perishable food items to help the local food pantry.  This is only one of multiple projects this church supports to benefit our community. 

You can find your niche and a warm welcome at this church.

This Week At A Glance

JOB OPENINGS, MOMS, and MORE will be celebrated on May 10th at South Whitley UMC.  A new sermon series called "Reach In, Reach Out" will be featured with Bruce Wrightsman taking the helm for this second step about Hospitality and Compassion.  It is not too early to be thinking about Vacation Bible School.  This church always has a fantastic and fun-filled week for youngsters in our area.  Volunteer Workers are needed and you are welcome to sign your child up for this exciting event that will take place June 8,9,10, and 11. Contact the church office at the contacts listed below.  In another growth spurt, applications are being taken for a job as Director of the Children's Ministry.  (Job Description can be obtained from the church office.)  This is a paid part-time position and applications may be submitted to the church office at 6685 W. State Road 14, PO Box 386, South Whitley, IN 46787, or emailed to  The job search will be open for the month of May.  Come and visit this active church. You will be warmly welcomed to either the 8:30 am or 11:00 am service.

This Week At A Glance

"Reaching in, Reaching out," will be the topic for the next 4 Sundays at South Whitley UMC.  Pastor Chris has set a high bar for delving into the scriptures in a captivating manner and this series will keep to that standard. For your convenience, we have two worship choices:  8:30 am for the vintage service with a more traditional approach and 11:00 am for the new wine service.  Coffee bar between services followed by a variety of small group meetings where you will be warmly welcomed. The first Sunday of each month offers a lovely communion service as well.  This week the youth (JAM) will meet from 6-8 pm at Klepinger's home. Area youth are welcome!  You are needed here, come find out more.

This Week At A Glance

If you are looking for some excitement and some possible entertainment, come and see Pastor Chris Stahlman and the Creative Arts/Worship Director, Michele Payton as they switch places this week!  The Title of this very special morning will be "What is Worship?"  You will be warmly welcomed to this vibrant and growing church and two services are offered each Sunday to fit your family needs.  First service starts at 8:30 am, is followed by refreshments, coffee, and then small group meetings.  Second service begins at 11:00 am.  Singles, Family, and youth activities abound.  Come find new meaning for your life and make new friends.

This Week At A Glance

Connect your life to something meaningful.  Come this week and listen to the amazing explanation (using Legos, of all things) given by Pastor Chris.  The positive movement within this church has been incredible to watch.  If you want to be a part of something beautiful join in either the Vintage (8:30 am) service, or the New Wine (11:00 am) service this Sunday.  Refreshments and coffee between the services, small group meetings following coffee, and many outreach programs that need your help are available to you and your family.  Two Summer Camps are nearly filled.  See Tony Klepinger if you are a Junior High or Senior High student and want to attend camp. Music vocal and instrumental opportunities abound, child care, day care, preschool, and excellent programs for children are in place.  Support for food pantries, B.A.B.E., Backpacks for kids in school, Bible studies, griefshare, encouragement corner, shut-in visits, and many more programs are offered for our community.  Visit next Sunday and find out the benefits to you.  You will be warmly greeted and leave inspired by the folks at South Whitley UMC