Backpack Meal Ministry

If you had a hungry needy child standing beside your food pantry what would you do? Well you would feed them! Backpack Meal Ministry provides the opportunity for South Whitley United Methodist Church to do just that. Often there is a gap between the needy and those who are able and willing to give. Bridging that gap is the key to forming a stronger community, healthy kids, and generating good will for our churches. Backpack Meal Ministry will bridge that gap. It will effectively create a bridge between those who wish to serve and those living in food insecure homes.
Many teachers note increased behavior and attention issues on Monday mornings. The reason is all too clear. Many children go without over the weekends when regular school lunches are not available. During the weekend many children go without or simply do not receive enough nutrients to allow them to be alert and ready for the start of another school week on Monday mornings. Many teachers keep snacks on hand in the classroom for this very reason. Backpack meal ministry will provide those teachers with a pack filled with nutritious and easy to fix meals for those children to take home each Friday. This simple idea cares for the needs of our children two fold. It provides healthy meals and because they aren’t fighting hunger Monday mornings provides a better chance at success in the classroom.
Backpack Meal Ministry works in this way. Children at South Whitley Elementary school on free or reduced lunches are eligible to sign up for this free program. Once signed up for the program they will receive each Friday at the end of the school day a backpack filled with easy to fix food items for the weekend. These food items will help supplement their diets with nutritious foods and help families make ends meet.
If you are interested in participating in this free program please fill out the form below.