Mary did you know?
2019 Advent Series
December 1st – December 24th

Christmas is an “ancient-future” story – the Greatest Story ever told.  It reaches back thousands of years into the promise of God to Abraham that all the nations would be blessed through him and his wife Sarah.  It reaches forward to the end of time when Christ shall return.  It pivots on a moment in history when an ordinary girl with extraordinary faith said “yes” to the improbable proposition that she, a virgin, would give birth to God’s Son.  What did Mary know?  Let’s journey backwards from Jesus’ Ascension to his Annunciation and birth to discover how God’s promise to Abraham, fulfilled in Mary, is a promise to each of us that cannot be broken.

December 1st – HOPE: The Resurrection and Ascension

December 8th – PEACE: The Crucifixion and our Salvation

December 15th – JOY: The Incarnation – God is with us!

December 22nd – LOVE: The Annunciation and Birth

December 24th (7pm) – FAITH: Trusting in God’s Goodness